Count Your Blessings: South Carolina Movers Edition

Count Your Blessings: South Carolina Movers Edition

Count Your Blessings: South Carolina Movers Edition


It’s a holiday tradition for most of us: sitting around, either before or after consuming a very large meal with turkey as the centerpiece, reminiscing about all the things, people, and events that we have to be thankful for in the past year. For those of us at Lange Moving Systems in South Carolina, our movers have plenty of blessings to count! 2017 has been a very special year, and we’ll try to pack as many as we can remember into this month’s blogpost.

A Landmark Anniversary for Our South Carolina Moving Company

The highest-profile blessing that comes to mind for our South Carolina movers is the 20th anniversary of our business. We’ve spent a lot of time this year thinking about all the great experiences and opportunities we have had, from our first few big contracts in the Columbia area up through recent large-scale relocations for schools and other institutional/commercial clients.

Our parent company, Arpin Van Lines, honored our milestone this past October at the annual Arpin agents’ convention in Florida with the 20 Year Faithful Service award.You can read all about the convention and the other exciting experiences we had there in last month’s blogpost.

The Best Moving Help in SC

Leading our list of blessings in 2017 would have to be our people. We truly believe that Lange Moving Systems is made up of the most incredible team of movers, coordinators, and office staff that you’ll find anywhere in the country. Our basis for that claim? For one, the consistent positive, appreciative reviews that we receive from customers after their moving projects are completed. For another thing, the simple fact that we work closely with these folks every single day, reviewing our jobs together on a frequent basis and talking about how we can improve our services even further. We so appreciate each team member’s commitment to quality service, and we love coming to the office every morning to spend another day working with them.

Our Amazing Customers

It’s not just a cliché statement: we really do love our customers. Our South Carolina movers meet and work closely with many, many different customers every year, from single folks moving into small Columbia apartments to schools and large businesses relocating to brand new structures. Each customer has a unique story and path in life, and we consider it a privilege to be a part of that story when their path lies, at least in part, through the Palmetto State.

Container Thankful to be doing business in the beautiful Palmetto State

Thank You for Your Service

No list would be complete without a special thank you to our military service members. It’s an extra special privilege for our South Carolina movers to go on base at Fort Jackson or one of the other SC military installments to help the family of a service member either settle into their new home or pack up in preparation for the next military career step. We think it’s a great thing that Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving are so close together on the calendar—our military heroes definitely deserve a double dose of gratefulness from all of us!

Charity Opportunities for Lange Moving Systems

SC is home to many great charities, and we are thankful to have the chance to work with some of them during the holidays to bring some cheer to those who don’t have so many of the comforts that we take for granted. As local movers in Columbia, we reach out to a number of shelters and children’s homes in our area each holiday season, donating time and the use of our equipment to transport donations and basically help in any way that we can. Of course, year round we partner with Arpin Strong and Move for Hunger, two other great charities that help the needy across the United States.

Your South Carolina Movers

We’d also be very thankful to add you to our list of customers! If you haven’t yet met our moving teams, we know that you will enjoy interacting with them and getting to know them. Most importantly, within the first few minutes of your relocation project, you will realize that our South Carolina movers are professional, highly skilled, and ready to earn your trust as they handle your most valued possessions. Have a great Thanksgiving, and call us today for expert moving services.

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