Getting to Know Your West Columbia Moving Company

Getting to Know Your West Columbia Moving Company

Getting to Know Your West Columbia Moving Company

The smile on day 7 looks the same as the one on day 1.

Over the course of a typical year, our West Columbia moving company, Lange Moving Systems, handles a wide range of different types of moves. We cover the spectrum from moving small apartments within a single day to very large residential moves and commercial relocations that can take a week or even longer. On those long, complex moving projects, the clients learn just how important it is to choose a moving company that doesn’t just do the job, but also brings a great attitude to the job—day after day until the entire project is complete. It’s not an overstatement to say that this attitude makes the difference between a miserable, stressful week and a pleasant, exciting one!

Why is This Taking So Long?

Our largest residential moving projects take about a week from beginning to end. A typical breakdown is four or five days at the origin and two or three days at the destination. To someone with a smaller home who is used to loading everything onto a single truck on a Friday evening and Saturday, this might seem like an eternity. Why so much time for a single move?

For one thing, moving a very large home requires a lot of planning. Carefully estimating the total weight of the load is essential for determining what type of trucks and how many will be needed to transport the load as efficiently as possible. There are also likely to be a number of valuable, fragile items that take a long time to carefully disassemble, pack, unpack, and reassemble. Finally, there may be very heavy items like hot tubs and other outdoor fixtures with special transportation requirements.

The great teams from our West Columbia moving company always take some time to thoroughly protect all the walls, doors, and flooring at our clients’ homes. The goal is that once all the furniture and boxes have been removed from the old home, the baseboards, wall corners, carpets, and hardwood floorings all look exactly the same way as before—no bumps, chips, scuffs, or stains. That’s even more important at the client’s new home. For the largest houses, it takes our team several hours to put down these protective materials at both houses.

Container The smile on day 7 looks the same as the one on day 1.

Living with Our West Columbia Movers

None of our clients are surprised to see smiles on the faces of our movers when they arrive on day one. Everything is exciting, there are high hopes for the success of the move, and everyone feels fresh and ready for the job. But on day three or four of a week-long move, the rubber meets the road. As the movers and the clients alike get tired and feel the strain of the project, there is a temptation for the smiles to disappear and nerves to get a little more sensitive. This is the moment that the clients realize just how valuable it is that Lange Moving Systems puts such a high priority on maintaining a positive attitude every hour, every day, until the job is done. Keeping a smile on your face even when your body is feeling worn out is a learned skill, and it’s one that we actively develop and help each other with.

Very often, at the end of a week-long job like this, the client responds to our feedback request by telling us that our West Columbia movers’ great attitude and consistent cheerfulness played a key role in making the moving experience enjoyable. The client’s family and our moving team spend a lot of time together over that week, and they really get to know each other under some stressful circumstances. This could spell disaster if there were personality clashes and other negative situations to deal with, but we are very proud of the way our teams try so hard on every job to keep things pleasant and even fun on every day of a long move.

Lange Moving Systems: Your Friendly West Columbia Moving Company

At Lange Moving Systems, we’re prepared to handle the very largest relocation projects. This preparation obviously includes knowing how to conduct inventory, manage logistics, pack correctly, and anticipate any obstacles, but it also means bringing a cheerful, pleasant attitude to every client’s home and keeping it going no matter how sore our muscles get! Call us today to find out more about our expert, friendly moving services.

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