Happy 20th Anniversary: What’s Stayed the Same for Two Decades

Happy 20th Anniversary: What’s Stayed the Same for Two Decades

Happy 20th Anniversary: What’s Stayed the Same for Two Decades


Welcome to the Lange Moving Systems podcast! We’re glad you chose to listen, and we hope you enjoy learning a little about the moving industry and about our company, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in August 2017. On our blog, we’ve been talking recently about the ways that the industry has changed since we opened for business here in Columbia, South Carolina back in 1997. But right now, we want to talk about the exact opposite: the things that are just as true today as they were when our moving teams taped up their first box in the Palmetto State.

Obviously, the first thing we have to talk about is excellent customer service. A successful business in any field at all is built on serving its customers or clients with respect, friendliness, and honesty in addition to being good at what they do. There’s one story in particular that illustrates how exceptional customer service has characterized Lange Moving Systems over the years.

Just two years after we opened up shop in Columbia, South Carolina elected a new governor, Jim Hodges. As Governor Hodges and his family prepared for the move to the state capitol, his wife got in touch with us and chose us as their moving company for the job. Now, moving the new governor and his family into their mansion in Columbia would have been a big enough job, but things were complicated by the fact that the mansion was just about to undergo a complete renovation. That meant that we moved the governor’s family to a temporary home in the Columbia area, and we also moved everything in the governor’s mansion into storage while the renovation was going on. Some of us still remember taking a break on the steps of the mansion, enjoying chocolate chip cookies and lemonade!

That moving job took place 18 years ago, and here’s where the value of great customer service comes in. The Hodges family was so pleased with the attitude, expertise, and integrity of our movers that they have kept in touch with us since then for their moving needs. Their son, who was just a little guy during that first move, is now in college, and we had the privilege of helping him move during that transition.

The motto of our parent company, Arpin Van Lines, is “creating customers for life.” That’s a great way to summarize the goal that we’ve had here at Lange Moving Systems for 20 years, and our relationship with the Hodges family is just one example of how it plays out. Another example took place much more recently.

The Cardinal Newman school, a great private school here in the Columbia area, recently moved to its new home just east of the city. We were thrilled to get the job, and our teams spent a week moving sports equipment, musical instruments, huge fireproof filing cabinets, and of course hundreds of chairs and desks. It was a little tricky working around the school’s class and athletic schedules, but that’s all part of our commitment to great customer service. We completed the job on time, and the school’s principal was so pleased with our service that she later called on us to help with her personal move when she retired and relocated to the beautiful South Carolina coast.

Those stories represent just two high-profile examples of how we work hard to reach the goal of “creating customers for life.” There are many other folks living throughout South Carolina that have our phone number safely tucked away for the next time they or someone they know is ready to relocate. It can be tough to find a moving company that you know you can trust completely, and for 20 years, we’ve been cultivating a reputation as just that kind of company here in South Carolina.

We hope that you’ll visit us online and get to know us a little better. Call or email us any time to set up an appointment for a free quote; we want to make you one of our lifelong satisfied customers. And thank you so much for listening to the Lange Moving Systems podcast!

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