What’s Changed in 20 Years for Our Lexington Moving Company?

What’s Changed in 20 Years for Our Lexington Moving Company?

What’s Changed in 20 Years for Our Lexington Moving Company?


Lange Moving Systems is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year! As of August 2017, we have been helping people move into and out of South Carolina from our headquarters near Columbia for two decades, and we have certainly had a lot of great experiences in that time. A lot of things have changed for our Lexington moving company in 20 years, but a lot of things have stayed the same as well. You can listen to our new podcast to find out about those things, but this blogpost is dedicated to outlining the biggest changes that we have seen in our industry over the years. Enjoy our trip down memory lane!

Technology Advances for Lexington Movers

By far the biggest category of change in the moving industry during the lifetime of Lange Moving Systems has been technology. Of course, the digital communication revolution that affects all of us has also had a dramatic effect on how our drivers, movers, coordinators, and office staff keep in touch with each other throughout each moving project. We stay closely connected at all times, which helps us act as a more efficient team for each of our commercial, residential, and institutional customers.

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There are also plenty of industry-specific improvements that technology has given us over the past 20 years. One of the most important of these has been the development of digital inventory systems, which entrust the bulk of the complicated inventory process to computers instead of humans, who—whether we like to admit it or not—are much more likely than machines to misspell numbers, forget to copy pieces of data, and misread information that a coworker recorded earlier. Our digital systems, which our Lexington movers manage using iPads at the client’s home, help us do our job as accurately and quickly as possible.

The trucks that our Lexington moving company uses to carry our customers’ belongings have also become much more sophisticated. Most trucks have automatic transmissions instead of manual, which is a big relief to the driver when the truck has 10 or 13 speeds! Of the many safety improvements over the years, the most recent is the addition of electronic logging devices, or ELDs, to all of our trucks. These improvements all help us meet Lange Moving Systems’ number one goal for every moving project: to take care of every customer and the possessions they trust us with.

Increased Competition

In many ways, running a Lexington moving company was much easier when we started out than it is today. There are many moving companies that used to do business here in the Columbia, SC area that have shut their doors within the past 20 years. Competition has become so fierce that only the best of the best make it for the long term. Customer reviews, easy to post and find online, can be either a Lexington moving company’s best friend or worst enemy! Unhappy customers are quick to tell their story to anyone who will listen, and a moving company that doesn’t treat each client well soon finds out that word of mouth is a powerful influence. On the other hand, one of our greatest advantages at Lange Moving Systems has been the reputation that we have built here in the Palmetto State over two decades. Even clients that we helped many years ago still call us for help when they need to move and refer their friends and family to us.

A good reputation is critical, but even it isn’t enough in today’s tough economy. The price has to be right, and that’s actually one of the main reasons we stay at the forefront of the technology advances that we mentioned earlier. Our efficiency and communication speed allows us to get things done much faster than ever before, saving money for everyone involved.

What’s Next for Our Lexington Moving Company

We look forward to the changes that the next 20 years hold for the moving industry. Will self-driving moving trucks soon be on the roads? Many exciting advances are just over the horizon, and here at Lange Moving Systems we will be keeping an eye out for how we can use them to give our customers the best service possible.

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