Columbia Movers: Handle with Care!

Columbia Movers: Handle with Care!

Columbia Movers: Handle with Care!


We’ll begin by telling you this: Each of our Columbia movers treats each of our customers as if they were members of their own family, caring for their furniture and treasured belongings as though they were their own. In fact, the high level of attention that we devote to each relocation job has been a hallmark of Lange Moving Systems for 20 years now, and we don’t plan to change that any time soon. One of our co-owners, Chuck and Kym Lange, is personally involved in every move, and we get the customer’s feedback at many points during the move to find out how satisfied they are with the service they’re receiving. With all of that being said, there are a few moves that require us to devote even more attention to the protection of the items that we are moving. Today we’d like to tell you about how we handle antiques, artwork, and other irreplaceable treasures to give them the safety on the road that they deserve.

Know the Risks

One recent project that comes to mind is a great illustration of the unusual projects that our Columbia movers are sometimes called upon to perform. We love when a customer chooses us to trust us with one of these kinds of projects; it usually means that our reputation has gone in front of us and shown that customer that our movers are consistently careful, professional, and alert to any special arrangements that need to be made to get the shipment from point A to point B safely. In this particular case, the load in the truck was a collection of 20 antique Victrolas—if you aren’t sure what a Victrola is, just picture an old-fashioned record player with a big trumpet-shaped speaker. We transported this unusual, valuable collection all the way from Michigan to its new home in the city of Greer, located in the Upstate region of South Carolina. Our Columbia movers took into account the possible threats that the antiques might face on the cross-country trip, including humidity, high temperatures inside the moving truck, and of course the danger of damage caused by the load shifting as the truck moved. Every Victrola arrived in Greer as good as new, and our Columbia moving company ended up with a great story to tell!

Use the Right Materials

Some items require packing using specialized materials; perhaps the clearest example that comes to mind is original artwork. If an original painting is packed into a box using standard paper and other materials, certain temperature and humidity conditions could cause harmful reactions between the packing materials and the oil, watercolor, or other paints on the artwork. Instead, our Columbia movers use an acid-free tissue paper that is specifically designed to cover original artwork and aging documents, protecting them from dust, mold, and other threats without causing negative chemical reactions with the pieces themselves. We’ve had the privilege of moving amazing, valuable items like these from Sotheby’s and other prominent auction houses, getting them to their new display location safe and sound by using these and other approved packing/transportation methods.

Container Some loads require extra careful handling!.

A Reputation to Maintain

Of course, these are only a couple of examples of how our Columbia moving company has helped to transport incredibly precious items for their owners. Many of our moving jobs include, in addition to the usual sofas, dressers, clothing, dishes, and other household items, antique furniture or artwork that carries very special meaning for its owners. Our move coordinators take special note of these high-value items during inventory, passing on any special instructions to the movers on that job. That’s where the expertise and professionalism of each of our employees really come into play, as they cover, wrap, cushion, and load those items into a safe spot in the moving truck, then reverse the process to unveil them again at their new home.

We would deeply appreciate the opportunity to help you move your family’s most treasured belongings to your new home, whether you are relocating them within South Carolina, across the country, or even overseas. Let our professionals use their experience and training to protect your antiques and artwork so that your family can enjoy them for many years to come.

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