Inspection Blitz? No Problem for Our Lexington Movers!

Inspection Blitz? No Problem for Our Lexington Movers!

Inspection Blitz? No Problem for Our Lexington Movers!


Have you ever been driving down the highway and noticed one, two, three, then a fourth police car “waiting in the wings”? One of two things is going on; either you are being much more observant than you normally are, or the state highway patrol is in the middle of a blitz. If you typically drive a few miles over the speed limit, you probably back it off a bit when you realize there are a lot more eyes watching the roads.

Truckers and large delivery vehicles, like our Lexington movers’ trucks here at Lange Moving Systems, have their own versions of these blitzes to deal with. In a typical inspection blitz, officers stop trucks and check different factors to determine whether or not they are in compliance with state and federal laws. You may not know, for instance, that the driver of the truck next to you is sleep-deprived or that a flatbed trailer has an expired inspection sticker, but a blitz like this puts a lot more pressure on all trucks and their drivers to make sure that they are in compliance.

SC Roadside Blitz

South Carolina’s Department of Transportation holds a roadside blitz once a year to inspect trucks on the state’s roadways. We know generally when the blitz will occur, because it’s not intended to be a “pop quiz,” an effort to catch companies and independent truckers unawares. But when our Lexington movers and others around the state know that there are going to be traffic stops and inspections during an upcoming two-week period, it’s an incentive to review vehicles’ and drivers’ compliance and make sure that they’re ready.

Container This sight is a little more common during the annual Roadside Blitz.

This year, the blitz took place during the first two weeks of June. This happens to be one of the very busiest periods of the year for the moving industry, as children are finished with school and families try to get their relocation done and over with early in the summer. Needless to say, Lange Moving Systems and the other moving companies in South Carolina spent a lot of time with DOT police during that two-week period, showing them documentation and verifying that their loads were properly secured.

Our Lexington Moving Company’s Perspective

How do we at Lange Moving Systems feel about this annual roadside blitz? It may surprise you, but we are all in favor of it! If you think about it, the only people who should dread these increased roadside inspections are those who are careless or who deliberately ignore the safety and legal requirements. Our moving teams make it a point to know and follow those requirements all the time, so it doesn’t worry them when officials ask to take a look at the vehicle and how its load is secured. And it is nice to know that those officials are spotting unsafe practices on the roadways and cracking down on them—it keeps all of us safer.

Our Lexington Movers’ Safety Awards

On our home page, you’ll notice that one of the awards from Arpin Van Lines listed there is the Fleet Safety Achievement award. We have actually received this award four out of the past five years, showing that we are one of the most accident-free agents in the Arpin family. On top of that, consider that Arpin boasts the safest record of any van line in the United States. With all of those factors, it’s easy to see why the roadside blitz doesn’t trigger panic at Lange Moving Systems when it comes around each year! We take great pride in the way we treat our clients’ belongings, and we make sure that our clients are satisfied with our level of care by getting their feedback on it each day of their move.

We’ve also made very large investments in our fleet over the past several years, upgrading it to make sure that we remain the safest, cleanest, and most efficient Lexington moving company available to you and your family. Whether you need to move a school full of equipment, an office, or your home, Lange Moving Systems is the safe choice. Give us a call today to talk to our expert staff and schedule your move!

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