Unusual Challenges for our Sumter Movers

Unusual Challenges for our Sumter Movers

Unusual Challenges for our Sumter Movers


Packing up a family’s entire collection of belongings, loading it into a truck, and moving it to a new house is a huge task, but it’s one that our great teams of Sumter movers is trained for. They know how to wrap delicate items carefully, protect items for a long trip, and do it all quickly enough to meet the deadlines. But sometimes just getting our movers to the customer’s house in the first place is a complex challenge of its own! Military installments are known for their security, and for good reason. But when we are hired to help a military family move onto or off a base, sometimes the security issues can cause some serious challenges. Here’s a closer look at those challenges and how our Sumter movers meet them.

Access to the Base

At Lange Moving Systems, we are very proud to do business with a number of different military bases. Military families move around a good bit, and we know it never gets any easier for them to pull up roots, leave friends behind, and begin building a home in a new location. We consider it a great honor to be able to help these families with their transitions, and we do everything possible to make them smooth and uneventful. In fact, our parent company, Arpin Van Lines, has named us “Best Military Agent” two years in a row in recognition of our great customer service for our heroes in uniform.

Container A passport card is our documentation of choice for access to military bases.

Part of serving the military in the relocation industry is making sure that our Sumter movers can move into and out of military installments legally. The process for vetting service providers for base access is, unfortunately, not consistent among all bases nationwide, and it is difficult to find an efficient way to ensure that all of our movers can get where they need to go in order to pack and load military families’ belongings. After consulting with the people in charge of a base, we decided that the best route was to have all of our employees obtain a U.S. passport card. A passport card contains all of the information needed to get a person onto a military base for a move, so it is a convenient document for us to use as a standard. The downside? It costs $80.00, and the process for obtaining it takes several weeks. It took some time, but our entire team of Columbia and Sumter movers eventually got passport cards to streamline military base access for moving projects.

If It Can Go Wrong, it Will

Military personnel have a number of colorful phrases that they like to use to describe the fact that if something can go wrong, you should expect it to do so. Call it Murphy’s Law or whatever you like, but the story is much the same in the moving industry! While the passport card is a great tool for streamlining access to a military base, it is not a guarantee. On a fairly recent job, one of our movers was denied access to a base, even though he had the correct documentation and was even on a list of names that were pre-approved by officials at the base. The inconsistent access policies between bases means that we have to be prepared for an issue like this to arise at any moment and for any reason.

The confusion over access caused a delay of a full day for a job that was scheduled to take four days. Even though we lost the first day and had a related issue to deal with on the third day, we are proud to say that our team of Sumter movers did their best with what they had, and they were successful in completing the job on time anyway. The general on the base recognized how much work it took to overcome these obstacles, and he actually took the time to express his appreciation for our Sumter movers’ great attitude and extra effort after the job was finished.

At Lange Moving Systems, we are ready for anything! Whether you are a military family or you are relocating to the beautiful state of South Carolina to begin a new job, we look forward to meeting you and helping you with all of your moving needs.

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