Moving Internationally: 3 Tips from Your West Columbia Movers

Moving Internationally: 3 Tips from Your West Columbia Movers

Moving Internationally: 3 Tips from Your West Columbia Movers


Our West Columbia movers have a lot of experience helping folks from our area move to other countries of the world. We also work with Army personnel at Fort Jackson, packing their belongings for them when they are deployed overseas. With all of this international moving experience, we have learned a thing or two about how to make that massive transition as smooth as possible for families. Our blogpost this time around is aimed at sharing a few of those things with those of you that are anticipating an international move in the near future. If you’re still apprehensive at the end of the article, don’t worry! The seasoned move coordinators at Lange Moving Systems are here to walk you through each step of the process.

  1. Know the Rules

People who are just traveling for a short stay overseas hate having to go through customs. It’s a tedious and unpleasant process for officials to rifle through your possessions, looking for anything that you might not be allowed to bring into the country. If you’ve ever stood there during a customs inspection and worried whether there was some rule that you forgot about, just imagine how much more complex the process is to move all of a family’s belongings into a new country! The cultures across the globe are all very different from one another, and transitioning between two of them smoothly takes the guidance of someone who knows both cultures well—and the customs rules that apply in both countries.

Arpin Van Lines, the parent organization of our Columbia moving company, has offices in dozens of the most commonly moved-to countries. The coordinators in those offices are well qualified to help U.S. citizens understand and abide by the rules; when our West Columbia movers begin working with a family moving overseas, they provide them with all the paperwork they need to make their move a success.

Container This is not the time to wonder how well your container was packed!

  1. Pack it Right

Every inch of space counts when our West Columbia movers are packing for an overseas trip. That’s not only because of expense, although obviously it is an important factor. It’s also because the items that are packed undergo quite a bit of movement, from being lifted onto and off trucks and other vehicles to being rocked by waves on its way across the ocean. If items are allowed to rattle around inside a container during the trip, there could be serious damage by the time the container is opened at the destination. How do we avoid that issue? By packing everything with heavy corrugated paper, bubble wrap, and a level of skill that would make a Tetris expert jealous. We also disassemble large pieces of furniture like beds and bookshelves whenever possible in order to save space.

  1. Split Up the Shipments

Many people do not realize that their home’s contents will need to be divided up into several groups leading up to their international move. The first group contains the items that the family will need as soon as they land, and those items will travel by air in order to arrive at the same time as the family. Our West Columbia movers use a scale to weigh these items as they pack them, because an air shipment always has a strict weight limit. We also depend on the customer to clearly separate and designate the items in this group ahead of time, so that we don’t mistakenly pack them with the second group:

The second group contains the bulk of the family’s belongings and travels in a container by sea. It will take the family a little longer to get their hands back on these items, but with careful packing and adherence to the applicable customs rules, everything should end up at the new house on time!

The third group consists of items that the family is not taking to their new home but wants to store in the United States. Our West Columbia movers prepare these items for a long stay in storage, protecting them against mold, mildew, pests, and dust so that they are good as new when the family returns to American soil and is ready to unwrap them again.

If you are looking for a Columbia moving company with international experience, we hope you will get in touch with us right away. Our expert coordinators are ready to help!

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