In Columbia and Orangeburg, Movers Will Be Busy in 2017

In Columbia and Orangeburg, Movers Will Be Busy in 2017

In Columbia and Orangeburg, Movers Will Be Busy in 2017

Movers are Ready

In our last two blogposts, we told you about the many projects that our Columbia and Orangeburg movers were involved in throughout 2016. If anything, we anticipate being even busier over the coming year! Changes in the national economy, military, and the local business environment in South Carolina all promise to bring more people and companies to the state in the near future, and at Lange Moving Systems, we are ready to help them. Here’s a look forward at what we are expecting in 2017 as well as a look at how Lange Moving Systems is working closely with Arpin Van Lines this year to help the entire parent company get even better at what it does.

Incoming, South Carolina!

We can identify three big areas that we think are going to see significant growth in South Carolina over the next year or so. These three areas are affected by developments at both the national and state levels, and they will undoubtedly be accompanied by an increase in demand for Columbia, Lexington, and Orangeburg movers.


We fully expect that the U.S. military will continue its trend of growth in 2017. That trend has a direct effect on us here in the Columbia area, because nearby Fort Jackson is a major training center for U.S. Army personnel. At Lange Moving Systems, we have worked closely with the base for years, and they know that we have the utmost respect and honor for the service members and their families that move in and out of the area. We look forward very much to serving more of these families with our moving services and storage in our modern, secure warehouse. Lange Moving Systems was awarded the Best Military Agent by Arpin Van Lines for 2016 and 2015; “We take great pride in serving our military families,” says owner Chuck Lange.

Movers are Ready As you can see, our movers are ready to put their shoulders into it!


The national outlook on the economy is positive for the coming year, and in South Carolina we are even more optimistic than in most of the country! Our teams of Orangeburg movers are already busy with several large-scale commercial moving projects, as more and more companies realize what a great state SC is for business. With a long history of helping large organizations like schools, corporate offices, and even the SC State House with moving projects, Lange Moving Systems is the go-to moving company for businesses looking to move to the state or expand their offices. Lange Moving Systems was voted ”Best Corporate Account Agent” by Arpin Van Lines for 2016. “We are proud that companies trust us to relocate their people,” adds owner Kym Lange.


When the economy grows in a state, that always means more people coming here to work. Moving companies in Orangeburg and other South Carolina cities expect to see lots of families incoming; for several years now South Carolina has ranked among the top 10 in various surveys of the most moved-to states in the United States. Lange Moving Systems has had an A+ rating with the BBB for many years now. “It’s hard to make everyone happy all the time, especially during a stressful time, but that is our goal,” states Chuck Lange.

Preparing Our Orangeburg Movers for Business

At Lange Moving Systems, we are serious about making sure we are prepared to serve those new customers with the best equipment, training, and attitudes you’ll find anywhere. To that end, we have added a brand new Freightliner tractor to our fleet, and a brand new box truck is on its way as well. Along with the new vehicles and tools that we acquired in the past two years, these additions make our fleet the safest, most fuel efficient, and most powerful one on the roads of SC. Of course, our ongoing commitment to expert, friendly service and our careful attention to customer reviews ensure that each moving experience is a pleasant one for everyone involved.

Leadership with Arpin Van Lines

Our parent company, Arpin Van Lines, is one of the leading national and international moving providers in the United States, and it’s our privilege to have a significant role in the direction of the company. Our company co-owner, Chuck Lange, already serves on Arpin’s Quality Support Group and Agency Advisory Board; in 2017 Chuck will also participate as a member of the Arpin Strategic Planning Committee, helping the company establish one, three, and five-year plans for growth.

Our Orangeburg movers, company owners, and office staff are excited about what the coming year in SC holds, and we hope you are as well! If your plans include moving to our great state for business, military training, or just to give your family a great new home in which to grow, we hope you will let us help you make it happen.

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