Advice from Your Sumter Movers: Choose Your Warehouse Carefully!

Advice from Your Sumter Movers: Choose Your Warehouse Carefully!

Advice from Your Sumter Movers: Choose Your Warehouse Carefully!

the bedbug

How important is the warehouse or storage facility that you choose to store your furniture while you are working out the details, waiting to sign closing papers, and painting your new home? After all, your belongings are simply going to be sitting motionless in the facility day and night—what risks do they really face? As it turns out, there are plenty of risks, and they have the potential to turn your moving experience into a nightmare. In this blogpost, your Sumter moving company provides some important information about storage facilities and how you can make sure that your items are protected until they are back in your hands.


Anyone who has had an insect infestation in their home gets cold chills at the mention of bedbugs, roaches, or moths. Anything you can do to keep these pests away from your furniture is worth the effort; once they are in your home, it is extremely expensive and difficult to eradicate them. The period that your furniture is outside your home is when it is most vulnerable to infestation, and as your Sumter movers carry it into your new home after a stay in a storage facility, you could be inviting those unwanted pests inside.

What many people do not realize about the average self-storage facility is that their individual unit is not as independent from the others in the facility as they would like to believe. Most buildings have fairly thin walls between units, and there are always ways for tiny insects to make their way underneath doors and through ventilation systems in your unit. There is also no way to know what items were in your unit before you rented it, and what pests they might have left behind. The only way to be sure that your furniture won’t be infested is to be sure that there are no bugs in the building at all—and that’s obviously impossible at a facility that allows people to rent their own units and put their furniture inside.

the bedbug Meet the homeowner’s worst nightmare: the bedbug!

Climate Considerations

Have you ever seen a storage unit advertised as “climatic controlled”? That designation probably doesn’t mean what you think it means. It is not the same as “climate controlled,” that is, the facility maintains temperature and humidity with air conditioning and heat. “Climatic controlled” simply means that the facility is controlled by the climate outdoors—it’s another way of saying that the facility does not control its own temperature and humidity! Facility managers rely on people misinterpreting the message and assuming it means the opposite.

At Lange Moving Systems, our Sumter movers have been moving customers’ furniture in and out of our modern warehouse facilities for 19 years. In that time, we have never had a climate-related damage claim for an item stored in our facility. Which would you rather trust: a self-rented unit with an uncertain past and the possibility of pests, mold, and mildew next door, or a carefully supervised warehouse with 18 years of reputation behind it?

Your Trusted Sumter Moving Company

We manage our storage facility with the same dedication to service that our teams of Sumter movers display when they pack and load each customer’s possessions. Our past eight inspections have turned up zero violations at our facility, and the U.S. Government has approved the warehouse—a designation that requires a very high level of reliability. Our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau also reflects the long history of satisfaction that we have provided for our Columbia and Sumter area customers over the years.

Because we understand that moving is stressful and every bit of help goes a long way, we offer a special deferral of storage charges (up to two months) to our customers. This lets you put your storage expenses out of mind while you take care of more immediate relocation tasks and establish your family in your new home. Once our Sumter movers retrieve your furniture from our facility and move it into your home, we conveniently roll your deferred storage costs into your final invoice.

Don’t risk piling mold, mildew, pests, and damage onto your already-hectic moving experience! Let us take care of your storage items and give you peace of mind about where they are being kept during your move.

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