Your West Columbia Movers Estimate…

Your West Columbia Movers Estimate…

Your West Columbia Movers Estimate…

Lexington MoversYour West Columbia movers estimate…that the moving estimate process is confusing to you. In fact, you may have no idea how that process works, other than assuming that someone eyeballs your house and quotes you a price range for the move. It’s not surprising that the process is confusing; in reality, there are several different methods that moving companies can use to provide an estimate. In this post, we’d like to give you the details on our process, the background behind it, and tell you why we use it. As you’ll see, we think it’s the fairest way to reach a goal that, quite frankly, is very tricky to pin down!

Binding Estimates

One way that a Columbia moving company can tell a customer how much the job will cost is by providing a binding estimate. As its name suggests, once the agent quotes the price and the customer agrees on it, that price is final. That may sound attractive at first—it would be nice to know up front exactly what the move will cost. But there are a few important drawbacks of the binding estimate:

  • A binding estimate that is too low can result in the driver having to move thousands of pounds for free. This doesn’t sit well with the Lange Moving Systems philosophy that things should be fair not only for the customer, but also for the West Columbia movers that are doing the heavy lifting.
  • A binding estimate that is too high, of course, means that in the end the customer has paid extra money for the move. As you might expect, often an agent is tempted to make a high estimate in order to ensure that the moving company doesn’t come out on the short end of the deal.
  • Often a customer remembers to notify the moving company about items that need to be moved after the binding estimate has been signed by both parties. This unfairly raises the weight of the load and the work done by the movers without increasing the customer’s fee.

Nonbinding Estimates

Lange Moving Systems owner Chuck Lange has a simple philosophy when it comes to estimates: “I don’t want the customer to pay a penny more than they should and I don’t want the driver getting paid a penny less than he’s earned.” How do we achieve that balance? By providing a nonbinding estimate. An expert agent comes to your home, looks at all of the furniture and other items to be moved (and also specifically notes what is not to be moved), and gives his best estimation of the cost of the move. The final, actual cost of the move is not established until the truck is loaded and we can measure the exact weight of the load. With this system, the driver knows that he will not be underpaid for the job, and the customer knows that he will not get overcharged.

West Columbia Movers Trust with our customers is at the core of every move.

Trusting Your West Columbia Movers

There is one critical element that must be present in order for the nonbinding estimate to succeed: trust. The customer needs a reason to trust the agent to be experienced and honest enough to give an estimate that is as accurate as possible. At Lange Moving Systems, the reasons we offer to inspire that trust are numerous and include

  • Over eighteen years of service in the Columbia area, including a close relationship with Fort Jackson
  • A combined 60+ years of experience between owners Chuck and Kym Lange
  • Many glowing customer reviews and a detailed customer feedback system
  • Projects for satisfied clients include the South Carolina State House
  • A rating of A+ with the local Better Business Bureau
  • Numerous instances of industry recognition and awards from our parent company, Arpin Van Lines

Unfortunately, many times customers choose a Columbia moving company with little to no reputation in the region because they provide a very low estimate for their move. Often, these tempting estimates turn into disasters. Unscrupulous West Columbia movers sometimes tell the customer about extra charges only after their home’s contents are loaded onto the truck and the customer has very few alternatives.

Another situation to avoid is an over-the-phone estimate. Under almost all circumstances, no moving company can provide an accurate estimate of your move’s cost without a detailed inspection of the items to be moved.

To have an expert, honest, and experienced agent from Lange Moving Systems visit your home and provide a free estimate for your move, give us a call or email today. We would love to work with you!

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