How Lexington Movers Pack Your Belongings for the Long Haul

How Lexington Movers Pack Your Belongings for the Long Haul

How Lexington Movers Pack Your Belongings for the Long Haul

Lexington MoversAt Lange Moving Systems, our teams of Lexington movers regularly help families prepare for long-distance and even international moves. A large percentage of these types of moves are governmental or military in nature, and we count it an important honor to be trusted with them. You may wonder whether we take any special precautions when packing up furniture and other items for a long trip. The short answer is “Yes!” The longer answer is below. As you’ll see, there are many additional factors that your Lexington movers must take into account to get your belongings to their destination in good condition when that destination is hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

Climate Change

On a cross-country move, your load may spend one or more nights in a truck with minimal climate control. If you are moving from south to north, from the low country to the mountains, or vice versa, the temperature change could be quite dramatic. Those changes can be destructive for appliances like washers and refrigerators, which have water lines. If there is still water in the lines when those appliances are packed and the temperature dips below freezing, the lines can easily crack. It is very important to drain those water lines before packing.

Hot weather brings its own threats. The interior of a refrigerator that is not clean can become a very unpleasant place after a couple of days of sweltering heat! We recommend cleaning refrigerators completely and adding a box of baking soda to absorb any remaining odors.

If there any items in your home that you know can be damaged by high temperatures—photos, antiques, vinyl records, etc.—it may not be a good idea to place them in a moving truck traveling across the Arizona desert. Those types of valuables are better off in your air-conditioned vehicle if there is space for them. Also, remember that your Lexington movers can never transport ammunition or flammable substances along with your other belongings.

Lexington Movers Make sure your moving company knows how to pack your container correctly!

Across the Pond

Moving internationally brings lots of challenges that you do not face when simply crossing state lines. Each country has its own laws, and it is easier than you might think to violate some of them by bringing the contents of your home into the country! In some countries, for instance, it is illegal to own pornographic content, and people have been known to spend some time in jail for trying to ship such content in their load.

When your Lexington movers pack your items in an international shipping container rather than a moving truck, they arrange things differently. Most of the adjustments have to do with the fact that unlike a truck, the interior of a container does not offer tracks for straps used to secure the load. Instead, the movers must build a bulkhead to keep everything in place during transport by truck, ship, and crane. They also take additional precautions and wrap items like furniture multiple times in brown paper and bubble wrap.

Your Movers at the Destination

The parent company of Lange Moving Systems, Arpin Van Lines, has twelve international offices to serve customers who are moving overseas. That means that when you choose to work with us as your Lexington, SC movers, you can count on the same Arpin commitment to quality service when you arrive on the ground at your new home. This close working relationship minimizes the potential for miscommunication and other sources of confusion between the movers at your origin and your destination. After a long flight with your family, the last thing you need is to discover that the crew unloading your belongings is less than professional!

If you are facing a cross-country move, entrust the packing to a team of Lexington movers that understands the potential problems and knows how to avoid them. Lange Moving Systems takes every precaution with your belongings, with the friendliness and professional attitude that our greater Columbia area customers have come to expect from us. As mentioned earlier, many of our long-distance customers are in the military, usually moving to or from Fort Jackson. We can never sufficiently express our appreciation for the opportunity to work with these heroes and their precious families. Thank you for your service to our country!

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