Packing Unusual Items: Tips From the Orangeburg, SC Movers

Packing Unusual Items: Tips From the Orangeburg, SC Movers

Packing Unusual Items: Tips From the Orangeburg, SC Movers

plantsPacking for your move would be much easier if everything you own could be tossed into boxes, taped up, and forgotten about until it was time to unpack in your new home. But all the items in your house are not as compact and simple as your books and clothing! In fact, some of your possessions may not be lawfully loaded into the truck by your Orangeburg movers at all. Other items can be packed at your discretion, but stand a chance of not surviving the trip intact. The team of movers that helps you with your move can give you specific guidance, but in this post we also provide you with an introduction to what you need to know about the items that might be better off in your family car than in the moving truck.

Aerosols and Flammables

There is a universal rule in the moving industry: No packing aerosols or flammables! A good team of Orangeburg movers will gently but firmly refuse to box up your hairspray cans, lighter fluid, matches, or lighters. If this seems like an inconvenience, just imagine the potential for disaster: a box of flammable items packed along with your entire home’s contents poses a risk to literally everything you own. During the hottest part of the day, the interior of a moving truck can get much warmer than you think. The possibility of intense heat, a fluid leak, or a spark igniting hundreds of dry cardboard boxes and packing materials is simply not a risk that we can take. It’s best to put your flammable items in a specially marked box and keep them in your own vehicle until they are safely unpacked at the end of the trip.

Liquid Packing Tips From the Orangeburg, SC Movers

Even liquids that are not flammable can threaten your other belongings. Never pack liquids from the kitchen or the bathroom in the same box as things that would be damaged by contact with them. Books come to mind right away, but clothing and anything else that could be stained or ruined by moisture should also be kept safely away from liquids. Follow these tips as well when packing liquids:

  • Adjust all pumps, dispensers, and spray bottles to the “off” setting before packing.
  • Pack all liquid containers in an upright position, not on their sides. Use packing material if necessary to keep liquids upright during the move.
  • Mark the exterior of the box with arrows pointing up. Mark all four sides of the box to ensure that your Orangeburg movers see the arrows.

Special Note: Moving companies vary in their policies on transporting liquor. At Lange Moving Systems, we do transport liquor, but it is even more important that it be packed safely and correctly. A liquor spill in your load can be not only very expensive, but very difficult to clean up as well.


Your movers can help you with the complex requirements associated with moving firearms. Perhaps more than any other items in your load, these are the ones that you absolutely don’t want to experience any irregularity along the way. Our team will use special seals, “high value item” designations, and inspection/signing procedures to keep the closest possible tabs on your firearms. Note that ammunition falls under the “flammable” category described above, and we do not transport it under any circumstances.

Miscellaneous Tips From Your Orangeburg Movers

Live plants are another common item that we encounter. We do pack plants in our moving trucks as long as we meet several conditions:

  • We leave live plants out of the truck until we are sure that we will have room for them. Your furniture and other non-perishable items should get packed first, with plants riding along only if they fit comfortably.
  • You, the client, must sign a liability release form. The moving truck is not an ideal environment for live plants, with drastic temperature changes possible and no light or water during the trip. Your plants may survive the journey, but we can’t make any promises!

Candles don’t fare any better than plants during the warmer months. If you sign a release authorizing us to transport candles during a summer move, be prepared for them to look much different at the end of the trip!

If you have any questions about packing unusual items, just ask us. We’ll tell you what you need to know and help you get everything to your destination safe and sound.

Plants don’t usually thrive in a dark, dry, hot moving truck!

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