Our Favorite Things – Columbia/Orangeburg Movers Edition

Our Favorite Things – Columbia/Orangeburg Movers Edition

Our Favorite Things – Columbia/Orangeburg Movers Edition

our-favorite-things–columbia-orangeburg-movers-editionThis holiday season, we feel like we have received an early gift from our great moving customers in the Columbia and Orangeburg areas—a pile of enthusiastically positive reviews. These testimonials mean a lot to us, and we couldn’t be happier about them if they were wrapped in red and green paper and topped with a beautiful bow. Here are some of our favorite reviews from recent relocation projects:

Five Points Aren’t Enough for Our Orangeburg Movers

On our feedback form, we ask the customer to rate our performance on a scale from 1 to 5. But a funny thing happens on a regular basis: Our customers write numbers that don’t fall within that scale at all. We have seen a “6,” a “10+,” and even a “22+++”!

Of course, our customers go beyond numbers and use words to express their opinion of our performance as well. We get lots of “amazings,” “phenomenals,” and “wonderfuls.” The important thing about these great reviews is that they verify that we succeeded in working effectively together as a team.

Day by Day Feedback

We don’t just get customer feedback for the entire moving job. We ask the customer to provide answers at the end of each day to questions like, “Did the crew arrive on time?” and “Did the crew use floor protection?” Although our movers are highly professional, we want to make sure that there is the opportunity for a customer to let us know if there is even a small deviation from our moving plan. This quality control measure helps us all to remember to do what we are supposed to do, when we are supposed to do it, with great attitudes.


A Success Story

Some customer reviews touch us deeply. We had one such review come in on a job we did in September, and it was a wonderful gift for our team as we head into the holidays.

This customer’s story did not start out as a success—in fact, she describes it as a “nightmare.” The moving company that packed up her belongings in Florida (just to clarify—not an Arpin Van Lines agent!) did just the opposite of what we try to do during the packing process. We stay in close contact with the client, answering all questions, providing documentation, and generally setting the client’s mind at ease. This customer felt neglected and ignored by the movers working in her Florida home, an even more difficult situation for her than for others, since the customer is handicapped.

When the day finally came for the customer to begin her trip north to South Carolina, her movers had one more unpleasant surprise for her: they said that it would take a week for her belongings to be delivered at her new home. With the prospect of a week spent in a hotel without her walker and other accessories, the customer felt stuck with no option but to suffer some extreme discomfort before finally settling into her new South Carolina home.

Everything changed, though, when this distressed customer began interacting with our moving team. To start with, we delivered her furniture and boxes to her new home two days after pickup from her old home—not a week later, as the Florida moving company had indicated. We added to her relief by treating her and her belongings with respect, politeness, professionalism, and kindness—all qualities that she noted on her customer feedback form.

The Perfect Gift for Our Orangeburg Movers

These are just a few of the nice things that our customers have had to say about our Columbia and Orangeburg movers. It truly gives us a great feeling going into the holiday season that we have played an important part in getting folks moved in safely and comfortably, especially when they are in unusually difficult circumstances like that of our handicapped customer. If you have had less than stellar experiences with moving companies in the past, we hope you will let us show you just how well your relocation project can go.

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