Make Things Easy for Your South Carolina Movers

Make Things Easy for Your South Carolina Movers

Make Things Easy for Your South Carolina Movers

make-things-easy-for-your-south-carolina-moversIf you have never had a team of South Carolina movers handle your move before, you might feel like you aren’t quite sure what you should do and what you shouldn’t do on moving day. Everyone is different—some of our customers tend to overestimate their responsibilities, actually doing a lot of the work that our moving teams are prepared to do themselves. At the other extreme, some customers can cause the moving project to take longer than expected due to poor preparation for moving day. What’s the right balance? Here are some pointers on what you can do to make moving day as easy on everyone—including yourself!—as possible.

Do What You Have to Do

As professional, careful, and responsible as our teams of South Carolina movers are, there are some items that you will just want to carry to your new home yourself. Firearms, jewelry, valuable musical instruments, and live plants are a few common examples. You will want to take some time identifying and removing those items before Lange Moving Systems arrives at your home, so that there is no time-consuming confusion over what our team is taking and what you are taking. Our movers love hearing:

“Everything in this room goes. Pack it up!” But they hate hearing:

“Now, this room will be tricky. I’ll have to decide as we go what I’m going to take myself.”

If your personal items are already in your own vehicle, or at least located in one clear area in the house, you can save a lot of time right off the bat. One other small but time-saving tip—if you sleep in the house the night before the move, don’t forget to remove the linens and blankets from the mattresses as soon as you get up.

On the other hand, you probably don’t need to disassemble large items like pool tables or outdoor equipment. Ask your project manager ahead of time if you have a question, but your South Carolina movers are prepared to handle most of these tasks for you.

Very cute, but not very helpful to your moving team!.

If They’re Not Helping, They’re In the Way

You may think that your cat or dog will stay out of the way during the move, but it’s almost a guarantee that it won’t work that way. With the entire house in a state of upheaval, your pets will already be prone to agitation. With doors propped open, strangers all over the place, and new smells to experience, there are lots of problems waiting to happen. You don’t need to be distracted by your pets, and neither do your South Carolina movers. If at all possible, have someone else watch your pets at a different location until things settle down.

Children may think they’re helping the movers, but that’s almost always not the case! The professionals have a system, and adding enthusiastic, energy-filled kids to it slows them down and sometimes makes the situation unsafe. Don’t take a chance on your kids being tripped over, trying to keep up with the grown-ups by lifting heavy boxes, or just standing in the wrong places at the wrong times. The babysitter is worth her fee on this day in particular!

How Did Your South Carolina Movers Do?

Maybe you’re the kind of person who typically throws customer satisfaction surveys in the trash before even opening the envelope. After all, we are all very busy, and who has time to check a lot of boxes and write comments? You might think differently about your Lange Moving Systems survey when you know just what happens to it after you submit it. Each mover that worked on your job gets a copy of your response along with his next paycheck. Our managers and employees sit around a table and discuss the most recent customer responses to see if there is anything we need to work on. And we allow your comments to inform the way we serve future customers in the Columbia area and throughout the Palmetto State. We value and solicit your thoughts on our performance, not just after the move is complete, but each day that we work with you as well. Think of your feedback as something that you can do to help our future customers out with even better service from us. Maybe you will be one of those future customers too!

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