Lexington Movers: A Look Forward at 2016

Lexington Movers: A Look Forward at 2016

Lexington Movers: A Look Forward at 2016

lexington-movers-a-look-forward-at-2016As a new year begins, it’s hard for us to remember a time with more exciting developments taking place in our industry! Technological innovations, government regulation, and other factors all promise to change some key features of the moving business, and it will take some serious strategizing to navigate those changes successfully. As we head into 2016, here are some of the ways our Lexington movers will be making adjustments to the services we provide in South Carolina.

From Our Lexington Movers: Thanks to Our Military

First things first: we want to thank our precious military service members and their families for the incredible sacrifices they make for the rest of us. Helping families move on and off Fort Jackson for 20 years has given us an appreciation for our military that will never fade away. We also recognize that many military families did not have the opportunity to celebrate the holidays together, and we extend an extra special “thank you” to those on-duty service members and their loved ones. We will be honored if we have the chance to serve even more of our military heroes during 2016.

U.S. Regulations for Lexington Movers

One of the biggest changes to the moving industry over the next two years is due to new governmental regulations. According to recently passed rules by the Department of Transportation, all moving trucks must be equipped with electronic logging devices by the end of 2017. It’s up to us to purchase and install these devices, so within the next two years we will be finding the best equipment for the best price and getting all of our vehicles in compliance. As with many new regulations, this one creates quite a bit of expense and work for us, but the safety and security benefits in the end are worth it.

We have always been one of the safest moving companies in the industry, on display most recently with the Fleet Safety Achievement Award given to us at the Arpin convention in Florida in late 2015. The electronic logging devices will only help us continue that tradition of safety, assuring our customers that we are doing everything we can to protect their precious belongings while they are in our care.

Ready for another incredible year in the State Capital!

Taking Our Lexington Movers into the Future

Technology offers us many opportunities for improving the level of service that we provide to our South Carolina customers. You may not think of the moving industry as particularly tech-heavy, but we believe it should be in today’s world. Inventory of a customer’s belongings, for instance, is much more efficient and reliable when it is done using electronic devices instead of paper and pen. One of our current projects, which started with providing company iPads to each crew chief and driver, is improving inventory and communication using digital techniques. We are very excited about how this project has benefitted our team already, and more excited about how it will do so in the year to come.

Ongoing Training for Lexington Movers

While the equipment that we use to move our customers is evolving, so are the items that we are expected to move! As one high profile example, many people are now investing in new curved TV sets, which are far more difficult to safely carry, pack, load, and unload than traditional sets. When new products like this hit the market, we respond by meeting with our movers, discussing the challenges, and coming up with policies for providing excellent service for the newest products as well as the ones we have been moving for decades.

Maintaining Our Lexington Movers’ Reputation as the Best

Our overall goal for 2016 could be summarized as this: retaining our reputation as one of the best equipped, highly trained, expert moving companies in the country. We can’t do that by standing still; we will have to stay aggressive about researching new technologies, incorporating those technologies into our day to day operations, and teaching our moving teams how to use them to their best advantage. We are excited about what the new year holds for us, and we hope that you will be a part of it by allowing us to help you with your local, office, long distance, or international move.

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