How Lexington, SC Movers Do Office Relocation Right

How Lexington, SC Movers Do Office Relocation Right

How Lexington, SC Movers Do Office Relocation Right

lexingtonFor a business relocating to, from, or across Lexington, SC, movers getting equipment and furniture where it needs to go is a stressful concept. While a move is in progress, a business is much more vulnerable than normal—an accident or the loss of equipment or files would be devastating and could expose clients’ sensitive information. If something goes wrong with the move, the delay could prevent employees from returning to work on time in the new location, leading to all sorts of lost productivity, missed deadlines, and unhappy clients.

Choosing the right Lexington, SC movers to handle your office relocation is key to its success—and its success is not optional! Here are some of the policies and procedures that we follow to give you peace of mind about your move.

Our Reputation

Before telling you about just how we handle a typical office move, we’d like to give you an idea of the level of experience that our Lexington moving company has to offer. During our nearly twenty years serving the greater Columbia area, we have successfully performed commercial moves of all types, including banks, law firms, Fort Jackson offices, and many others. We are proud to tell our potential clients that we have never had a security issue with a single office move—hard proof that our professional teams know exactly what they are doing during this complicated job.

Approximately fifteen years ago, we handled perhaps the highest-profile relocation project in the entire state of South Carolina: moving everything out of the State House and Governor’s Mansion during renovation, then back in after the work was complete. As massive as this job was, and as carefully as it was monitored, there were no complaints, security breaches, or missing items reported at its conclusion. Fifteen years later, we’re still very proud of this job well done!

Getting Ready

We don’t simply send a team of Lexington, SC movers to an office on moving day and start packing. There is a long list of tasks that our company and other service providers need to perform before the move begins. Here are just a few:

  • Large pieces of equipment like printers, copiers, and some computers usually need to be moved by the manufacturer or by manufacturer-approved specialists in order to preserve their warranties.
  • To ensure that our personnel does not have access to information stored digitally, all computers are shut down and disconnected by the client.
  • We show a certificate of insurance to the client to verify that we are sufficiently insured against accidental damage to equipment during the move.
  • We provide color-coded stickers and other materials that help the client clearly identify where each item should go in the new office space.

Bringing In the Lexington, SC Movers

When our team of movers arrives on the scene, they are ready to begin work right away. Every individual that works on your office move has undergone a background check, been screened for drug use, and has access to all the tools necessary to keep your property safe from start to finish.

To protect the flooring in both your old and new spaces, we use hard floor protection materials like Masonite in addition to our routine precautions. This high level of care continues throughout the move, which happens during a scheduled period dictated by your business’s needs. That might mean working in the evenings after business hours end, or even over the weekend to allow work to start on time again on Monday morning. We are extremely flexible and always place your schedule first in importance.

After the Move

We don’t take it for granted that you were satisfied with our work—we follow up with specific questions about the job, not only at the end of the relocation, but also after every day’s work. If you have any concerns, we address them right away. After the job is over, we follow our normal practice of sharing your feedback with each member of your moving team. Finally, we wait until the next time your business outgrows its current location and hope you will call us again to help!

We look forward to hearing from you about how we can help with all your commercial relocation needs.

Trust us to get each item to its new home safely.

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