Your Columbia, SC Moving Company’s Warehouse

Your Columbia, SC Moving Company’s Warehouse

Your Columbia, SC Moving Company’s Warehouse

langemovingIt’s not easy for some people to let their Columbia, SC moving company pack up their furniture, drive it away, and store it for them until they are ready to place it in their new home. How can they be sure that everything will come out of that warehouse in the same condition it was when it went in? To give you an idea of just how carefully we treat your belongings while they are in our trust, here is a brief introduction to our system. We hope that after this “guided tour,” you will feel a little less stressed about your upcoming move!

Why Use Our Storage Services?

As you run through the short-term storage possibilities in your mind, you may wonder—why not simply store your furniture yourself in a rented unit? One reason stands out above the rest: your neighbors. No matter how carefully you store your own belongings in your unit, you have no control over who is renting the units on either side of yours or what they are putting in them! If moths, bedbugs, or other pests are next door, you can count on seeing them move into your furniture fairly quickly.

No Pests Here

Before a piece of furniture or other household item enters our Columbia, SC warehouse, it has been inspected for pests and mold. That means you can be confident that the furniture in the wooden crate next to yours is just as pest-free as yours is. Our moving company is so thorough in its inspection and storage processes that in our 18 years of operation, we have never had a piece of furniture leave our facility with mold on it.

Packaged for Safety

We go the extra mile—and then some—to ensure that every one of your treasured items is covered with multiple layers of protective wrapping and padding. Plastic wrap, brown paper, and heavy quilted pads insulate each item from scrapes, scratches, mildew, and other types of damage before it is stored in its designated wooden crate.

Our Moving Company’s Credentials

Any Columbia, SC moving company undergoes warehouse inspections on a regular basis. Our U.S. government-approved facility has enjoyed a rating of “A” over its last eight inspections, which means that zero defects were found during each inspection. As a whole, our moving company has received more than 30 awards in the last 18 years, including the Arpin “Agent of the Year” award in 2011. We didn’t earn that recognition by treating our customers’ furniture carelessly! From the time we crate your belongings in our warehouse to the time we load them back onto the truck, we treat them as if they belong to us. Please contact us today for moving services that are second to none other in the greater Columbia, SC area.

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